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NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Alex Skolnick demos his signature Budda AS Preceptor amp

NAMM 2013: We've been hanging out with Alex Skolnick a lot lately: One day, we're talking to him about his 10 essential guitar albums; the next, we're hooking with him at NAMM to get the lowdown on his new signature amp from Budda Amplification.

The AS Preceptor is a three-channel, high-gain head that the Testament guitarist developed to meet his diverse, ever-evolving needs - meaning it can handle thrash metal, jazz, world music and no doubt anything else.

There's a boatload of sonic goodies featured in the AS Preceptor (including a nine-channel MIDI foot controller - very nice), and in the video above, the man himself explains them all and demos some of the sounds.