NAMM 2012: Carlsbro launches all-new tube amp series

From left, Carlsbro's new VAC 60, VAC 30 and VAC 15 tube combo amps.
From left, Carlsbro's new VAC 60, VAC 30 and VAC 15 tube combo amps.

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Comprising three valve guitar combos and a separate head and cab, the new VAC series is the first series in a complete range of backline amplification, designed in response to requests from the company's international distributors for a high performance affordable backline amp range.

The VAC series is made up of the VAC 15 (15 watt), VAC 30 (30 watt) and VAC 60 (60 watt) combos (all into 4 ohms); the VAC 100H (100 watt into 8 ohms) head and matched VAC 412 4x12 cab complete the series. All amps feature spring reverb.

Distributors and retailers reacted highly favourably to the styling, quality, performance and price point of these amplifiers, when they were 'privately' shown at Music China last year. Pricing and shipping dates will be announced at NAMM.

Commenting on the development of the VAC Series, International Sales Director Andrew Bishop stated: "Carlsbro has a long tradition of working closely with its distributors and retailers in developing product for which there is clear market demand.

"These amplifiers are the latest example of that relationship, specified to offer an entry level product of exceptional quality and performance, such that they will be valued for their sound and build, even by very experienced players. The VAC Series will be very hard to beat in terms of bang for your buck."

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Carlsbro.

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