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NAMM 2008: Fender announces retro-flavoured pedals

The new school of old-school Fender pedals
The new school of old-school Fender pedals

Following the recent reissue of the Fender Blender Custom pedal, Fender has launched a range of new classic-inspired stompboxes with seriously cool vintage tones and cosmetics.

The new effects line includes Volume (£54.99 UK RRP), Volume/Tone (£64.99), Fuzz Wah (£99.99) and Phaser (£99.99) pedals.

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The Fuzz Wah and Volume/Tone feature clever dual action treadle plates that not only rock forwards and backwards like a traditional wah-wah, but also move from left to right.

For example, when using the Fuzz Wah, rocking back and forth manipulates the wah-wah filter envelope as you would expect, while moving the treadle to the right increases the amount of fuzz.

The Phaser, meanwhile, has a large illuminated dial that is easy to manipulate on the fly with judicious use of a foot.

Here's Fender's new Phaser being put through its paces at NAMM:

Visit Fender's official website for more information, or Fender Pedals official MySpace page for more videos of the range.