NAMM 2008: ESP reveal new Carpenter and Sambora signature models

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Eight strings who needs a bass player

Eight strings: who needs a bass player?
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The Bon Jovi guitarist s new six string squeeze

The Bon Jovi guitarist's new six-string squeeze

ESP has posted images of new instruments set for launch at NAMM 2008 on its MySpace page.

Several of the new guitars are artist signature models, including the Richie Sambora LTD SA-2, which features an original body outline, twin humbuckers and a Floyd Rose vibrato.

Easily the most exciting of the new ESP guitars for us is the bowel-disturbing eight-string Stephen Carpenter signature model.

The Deftones guitarist has again opted for a pair of EMGs and an understated, sleek design in contrast to the aural carnage of which the instrument is undoubtedly capable.

Check out the 'New For 2008' photograph album on ESP's official MySpace page for more new models.