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NAMM 2008: Ampeg announces new Dan Armstrong AMG100 electrics

New Dan Armstrongs in three wooden flavours
New Dan Armstrongs in three wooden flavours

Since 1969, the Dan Armstrong 'Plexiglass' guitar has been almost universally lusted after, and found its way into the hands of such icons as Keith Richards, Joe Perry and Dave Grohl.

The NAMM show in January 2008 sees Ampeg unveil the AMG100 line which essentially consists of wooden-bodied versions of the see-through original.

With similar specifications to the 2006 ADA6 Plexiglass reissue model, the AMG100 is available in three configurations.

The AMG100 BLD ($949.99 US RRP) features a lightweight swamp ash body sporting a vintage blonde finish and single-ply black scratchplate. The AMG100 CH ($699.99 US RRP) has a lightweight mahogany body in vintage cherry with a laminated black scratchplate. Finally the AMG100 BK ($599.99 US RRP) features an alder body in black with a tortoise-shell scratchplate.

Swappable pickups supplied with the instrument include the single-coil 'Rock Treble' and 'Sustain Treble' humbucker.

A see-through acrylic 'Plexi' bass is also expected to launch at NAMM, with a $1899.99 US RRP.

For more information, visit the official Ampeg website.