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Musikmesse 2016: BluGuitar unveils BluBOX guitar amp speaker emulator

MUSIKMESSE 2016: Thomas Blug, creator of the BluGuitar Amp1 and German session whiz, has revealed his latest innovation: the BluBOX speaker emulator.

Packing 16 virtual cabinets - including models of cabs from Marshall, Vox, Mesa/Boogie and Fender, as well as BluGuitar's own NanoCab and FatCab - the BluBOX utilises convolution technology to accurately replicate the nuances of each cab, while latency is less than one millisecond to retain playing feel.

A mic position knob allows players to go from the edge to the centre of the emulated speaker cone, and sounds can be output via 1/4" and XLR line out, with ground lift. Speaker-through jacks allow the BluBOX to be used with traditional guitar cabs, too.

Looks handy for playing direct to a PA or silent recording - the BluGuitar BluBOX is available from Q4 for £219/€269/$319.