Mono Wingman bass guitar case

Protect your Top Gun
Protect your Top Gun

Tired of lugging around that $2,000 bass in your aunt Meg's old pillowcase? Then you'll need the new Wingman bass guitar case by Mono. It's all the protection you'll ever need. Well, sorta.

Based on their popular M80 model, Mono's new Wingman bass guitar case is all protection and no bulk. Designed for the minimalist traveler, Mono has removed the expanding outer pockets in place of a single deep sleeve pocket (perfect for sheet music, cables, and other flat things). The diagonal "puff" pattern makes your guitar easy to spot backstage (no confusing your axe with somebody else's). Other than that, the Wingman is identical to the M80 hybrid case, featuring an ultra-light laminated foam shell with strategically placed ABS panels, providing an unmatched level of protection. Smart features like the Clip/Tuck straps make for easy airport travel, while the streamlined profile helps you slip through the crowds -- or from crazed fans.

Inside the case, Mono's patented Neckbrace design suspends the guitar's headstock, protecting it from impacts that could otherwise snap the neck. An oversized velcro strap quickly secures the neck against a specialized high-density foam block, which also keeps the tuning pegs away from the sides of the case during transport. On the bottom of the case, the guitar's strap pin is protected by a bumper system of high-density foam, industrial rubber and ABS "feet," diverting impact up and around the body of the guitar on vertical drops.

High-tech materials and triple-reinforced stitching make for an extremely durable product. The Wingman bass guitar case features a waterproof outer shell, steel-riveted handle and shoulder straps, industrial rubber "sole" and piping, and oversized ergonomic zippers.

Wear it well. And for just $169.99 U.S., you can feel good about it, too.

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