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Metallica's Lars Ulrich remembers Cliff Burton

Lars Ulrich pays his respects to the late Cliff Burton
Lars Ulrich pays his respects to the late Cliff Burton (Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Corbis)

Metallica's legendary bassist Cliff Burton passed away 25 years ago when the band's tour bus overturned in rural southern Sweden. In remembrance, drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to Revolver magazine and offered his personal reflections.

"My fondest memories of Cliff are his total disregard for convention and his total disregard for playing things out the way you expected them," said Ulrich. "He was up to challenge the normalcy, to challenge the status quo, to just fuck with things musically, attitude-wise - the way he dressed, the way he carried himself, his sense of humor, his relationship with the music that inspired him, the music that he played. It was always very unconventional, and it was very unusual."

Ulrich continued: "You could certainly argue that me and James [Hetfield] at that time were more kind of the squarer guys, 'cause we were more like, 'Motörhead, Iron Maiden!' Heavy metal T-shirts, and long hair and bang our heads into the wall. Cliff was just so fast in his palette of things that he was into and things that were inspiring him and the things that he was doing.

"So it was definitely his music, and his attitude, and his approach towards life that really inspired me and James to broaden our horizons, broaden Metallica's horizons musically. So when I think of Cliff, that's what I think…that's just kind of variety and unpredictability, you know."