Me and my guitar: Oli Herbert (All That Remains)

They're one of the USA's most popular metalcore bands -here's why their co-founder is now a V-man, through and through…

V for victory

"The reason I play a Jackson Rhoads V is because my earliest influence was Randy Rhoads, especially the [Ozzy] Tribute album. For practical reasons, the V shape just balances right where I want it. So when I sit and play classical style, the angle's perfect for my hand. Then when I stand up [it's balanced] so I'm probably not leaving the V ever."

Jackson of all trades

"When we started touring, I had another Rhoads V, I wasn't endorsed then. Ibanez approached me so I was kind of like, 'Well I can get more support if I play a guitar that they're hooking me up with.' So I played Ibanez for a while, but then Jackson approached me a few years later… and this was the guitar I always wanted to play. So I started playing the Jackson Warrior and then switched to this, and this is where I believe I'm going to stay."

The inlays are custom; these are Viking runes - Thor's rune… that's pretty metal!


"Ken Susi [Unearth guitarist] hooked me up with these Fishman [Fluence] pickups. I have an active/passive selector so if I want to play with a bit more definition I go to passive, and active gives me more power."


"The inlays are custom; these are Viking runes - Thor's rune. So it basically symbolises all things that are 'man' - that's pretty metal!"

Pimped Floyd

"It's got the Adam Reiver FU-Tone Floyd upgrade. It's got some titanium in the nut so I get more sustain."

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