Marshall toasts Father's Day with Marshall Whisky

Marshall 50 year old: refreshingly expensive
Marshall 50 year old: refreshingly expensive

Marshall has rolled out the perfect Father's Day gift for dad's who miss their youthful days of sipping on a bottle of rock 'n' roll mouthwash: Marshall 50-year-old malt whisky.

Bottled last year in celebration of Marshall's 50th Anniversary, the Islay blended malt has been kept safe for over half a century by Ian McLeod distillers.

It's quite a feat - whisky experts tell us that 50-year-old malts are quite rare. Presumably that's because it takes superhuman endurance to look after a barrel of booze for a lifetime.

The Marshall whisky apparently boasts "a nose of hazelnut, apricot, cocoa, ground coriander and orange zest; a palate of chocolate, kiwi fruit and fresh mint; and a finish of tropical fruit, sweet oak and elegant spice," which sounds delicious if confusing.

Strictly limited to 200 bottles and shipping in a dashing presentation box, this is a gift for serious whisky drinkers only. How serious? Well, it costs £420, which is about as serious as a bottle of booze gets.

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