Madina Lake’s Mateo Camargo on his songwriting and studio setup

Mateo shares shoughts on his NS10s
Mateo shares shoughts on his NS10s (Image credit: MusicRadar)

Often unfairly lumped in with the soon-to-be-unfashionable emo genre, Madina Lake are a rock band that combine heavy guitars with catchy melodies and a healthy amount of loops and samples.

Guitarist Mateo Camargo wrote a lot of the band's From Them, Through Us, To You by creating a loop in Reason and adding the other instruments, making use of Rewire, in Pro Tools.

In this interview, filmed at this year's Download Festival , Mateo talks abut his studio setup, his views on the industry standard small monitors the Yamaha NS10s and Madina Lake's songwriting process.

For more information visit the official Madina Lake website.