Line 6's Spider V modelling amp range revealed

Californian digital guitar and audio technology specialist Line 6 has revealed its latest line of modelling amps, the Spider V series.

The Spider Vs, available as 30, 60, 120 or 240 combos, offer more than 200 effects, cabinet and amp models, with the effects chainable to any of the amps and cabs in groups of up to eight.

Line 6 has also furnished the amps with over 100 chain presets, based on famous songs and albums. Artist Presets have been created by 'top' guitarists, while Genre Presets are Line 6 approximations of various iconic tones.

These presets are editable using the Spider Remote App, which will be familiar to AMPLIFi and Firehawk users, and makes for easy tone management.

Full-range speakers are onboard, meaning the amp works with electric and acoustic guitars, as well as music playback.

Intriguingly, the V 60 and above also include internal wireless receivers, compatible with Line 6's Relay G10T transmitter - the first time we can recall seeing built-in wireless capability in a guitar amp.

Bonuses include a built-in tuner, real drum loops and a metronome, as well as USB audio recording and playback.

The Spider V range is available for pre-order now. SRPs are £185/$279.99 (V 30), £305/$419.99 (V 60), £398/$529.99 (V 120) and £508/$699.99 (V 240).

You can chain any cab and amp with up to 8 effects.

Will Groves

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