Led Zeppelin join Foo Fighters on stage

This isn t the first time Taylor Hawkins has taken centre stage
This isn't the first time Taylor Hawkins has taken centre stage...

Two members of Led Zeppelin - guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones - joined Foo Fighters on stage during the second of a two night stint at Wembley Stadium. They played Led Zep´s Rock ‘n´ Roll and Ramble On to 86,000 rapturous fans.

Frontman Dave Grohl introduced the pair as he came out for the encore: “We knew from the beginning that this wasn't going to be just any other show - we´ve been planning this shit for six months. So we would like to welcome Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones onstage."

Grohl reclaimed the drum throne while usual Foo´s drummer Taylor Hawkins sang vocals on Rock ‘n´ Roll. They switched back for Ramble On before ending the night with Best Of You. You can watch a video of the collaboration here.

By Tom Porter