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Korg lifts the lid on Pitchblack mini guitar tuner pedal

Tuner behemoth Korg has shrunk its ever-popular Pitchblack guitar tuner pedal into a mini format, joining the ranks of TC Electronic, Hotone and Mooer.

What sets the Pitchblack mini apart is its ability to take a nine-volt battery inside its tiny chassis, as well as operate from standard nine-volt power supplies.

Elsewhere, the pedal retains similar functions to its larger siblings, with a large LED display, three meter display modes (regular, strobe, half-strobe), +/-0.1-cent tuning accuracy, adjustable calibration and true bypass switching.

Plus, for any guitarists worried about flipping mini pedals with hefty stomps, the PB mini even comes with slide-type stabilizers on its rear - nifty.

The Korg Pitchblack mini is available from April for £52.