Keith Moon rejected by English Heritage

Who drummer Keith Moon has been rejected by English Heritage
Who drummer Keith Moon has been rejected by English Heritage

The British people love celebrating dead rock stars, but The Who´s drummer Keith Moon hasn´t at all impressed culture organisation English Heritage.

English Heritage installs an official ‘blue plaque´ on London buildings where great figures have lived. Despite lobbying by Who fans, drummer Keith Moon won´t be getting one for at least a decade.

English Heritage says: "Moon died aged only 32, and many of his contemporaries, including other members of The Who such as Pete Townshend, are still living. Further time should be allowed to pass so he can be considered alongside his contemporaries." English Heritage will wait 10 years before reconsidering.

The decision hasn´t impressed Keith Moon´s fans. Editor of Record Collector magazine Alan Lewis told The Independent newspaper: "English Heritage's argument that we need to wait another 10 years to assess Moon's worth is spurious. It is 40 years since his finest hours. How much more time do they need? They are also inconsistent - a plaque to Hendrix was unveiled several years ago."

The ex-home of Marc Bolan was also rejected, as was No 3 Savile Row, where The Beatles performed live for the last time on the rooftop of the Apple studios. Jimi Hendrix, a part-Cherokee African American, remains the only rock-era musician whose London home has been awarded an English Heritage blue plaque. Here´s a Jimi Hendrix video interview in his Brook Street home. You can also buy an English Heritage officially-licensed blue plaque Jimi Hendrix tea towel - just what he would have wanted, of course.

What do you think of this ‘heritage´ plaque scheme?

By Michael Leonard

The MusicRadar team

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