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Keeley turns to the Dark Side for Pink Floyd-inspired multi-effects pedal

David Gilmour is a guitar icon, not just for his playing, but also his immense, pedal-loaded tone - something Keeley has sought to capture in its new Dark Side Workstation multi-effects pedal.

The Dark Side pairs an analogue fuzz with a 24-bit DSP engine, which handles delay, rotary, uni-vibe, phase and flange tones.

While the fuzz promises more transparent 1977 Big Muff-style sounds, the delay section offers 12 syncopated multi-head echoes with various filter settings, as well as expression pedal control.

Modulation, meanwhile, offers the ability to blend the pedal's flanger and rotary, and uni-vibe and phaser effects, all of which are voiced to Floydian sonic specs.

What's more, you can insert effects between the fuzz and modulation/delay section via a TRS jack, too.

My oh my. We like the sounds of this very much indeed.The Dark Side is available from 9 September from Keeley Electronics for $299.