Joe Bonamassa releases video for new song Different Shades Of Blue

Joe Bonamassa is feeling kind of blue on his upcoming solo album.
Joe Bonamassa is feeling kind of blue on his upcoming solo album. (Image credit: Rune Hellestad/Corbis)

Guitar star Joe Bonamassa is giving fans a preview of what they can expect on his upcoming album, Different Shades Of Blue, with the release of a music video to the plaintive yet fiery title track.

Different Shades Of Blue is Bonamassa's first studio release in over two years, and it's also his first-ever disc of all-original material. The guitarist/singer-songwriter traveled to Nashville four times last year to work on material with some of the city's notable tunesmiths.

"I wanted to make a blues album of all-original material, and I needed lyrics, song structures," Bonamassa told MusicRadar earlier this year. "I wanted to work with some of the guys who write choruses - real songwriters. I got in with a bunch of different people, and the results were pretty great."

You can pre-order Different Shades Of Blue (release date September 23) at this link.

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