Jimmy Page won't endorse Led Zeppelin 'Star'

Physical Graffiti
Physical Graffiti

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame pays homage to some of the entertainment industry's most prolific contributors. The star-encased names of actors, directors and musicians pave the sidewalk, and you'd be forgiven for assuming that the 'greatest heavy rock band of all time' - Led Zeppelin - were already there. Well, they're not, and guitarist Jimmy Page doesn't really care…

Rocky Dickerson hails from California, and adores Led Zep enough to do something about the missing star atrocity. Rocky set up an online petition and began the quest to raise the $25,000 needed for the star's installation. All he needed was the band's approval (the petition is not recognised without it), but was met with this reply from Jimmy Page's accountant:

"Dear Rocky,

Led Zeppelin Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

There are two letters relating to the above, addressed to Jimmy Page, which have been passed to me. I have now had the opportunity of discussing these with Jimmy, he has asked me to thank you for this interest but he does not feel that this is something that he can endorse.

Yours sincerely,
Joan Hudson"

Perhaps Jimmy couldn't see past Hollywood Boulevard's seedy reputation, and didn't fancy sharing a pavement with drunks and prostitutes? Or maybe he feels he's achieved enough to warrant a star of his own, not a shared one with the band? Either way, for a fan that cares this much, it's a harsh rejection...

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