JamMan Express XT looper-pedal goes on sale

Looper: Bruce Willis not included
Looper: Bruce Willis not included

DigiTech's compact stereo looper and phrase sampler the JamMan Express XT has gone on general sale.

The compact pedal features 10 minute of looping times, and automatically synchronizes with other JamMan products, which is handy if you're already a fan.

The pedals vital statistics look something like this:

  • Compact stereo looper with up to 10 minutes of looping time
  • JamSync-automatically synchronizes multiple JamSync enabled loopers
  • Simple, easy-to use looper
  • True-bypass
  • Battery powered

Click here to visit DigiTech for more info. In the meantime, the JamMan Express XT is out now for around £90 - and you can watch a video demo below.