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Jam Track Central releases Guitar Hero Ballads album

Jam Track Central has announced the release of its JTC Guitar Hero Ballads album; an 11-strong collection of shred-infused tunes.

The album is the brainchild of JTC founder Jan Cyrka, who came to the realisation that "Every guitar hero needs a ballad" and features a host of Jam Track Central artists:

Andy James
Guthrie Govan
Jack Thammarat
Al Joseph
Alex Hutchings
Jake Willson
Marco Sfogli
Sergey Golovin
Jakub Zytecki
Feodor Dosumov
Dave Lockwood

Guitar Hero Ballads is available now, and can be purchased as full audio, audio backing tracks and notation, or a Deluxe version including the full album, backing tracks and complete notation.