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Jackson Mark Morton Dominion D2 hits Europe in August

PRESS RELEASE: Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has led his million-selling, Grammy-nominated band to the very forefront of new American metal.

By combining meticulous technique; angular, often off-kilter riffs; and a black hole-heavy guitar sound, Mark has not only helped redefine the genre but is also influencing a whole new generation of guitarists.

Now the Dominion is available in an even more affordable version. The D2 features a bolt-on maple neck with a compound radius (12-16") rosewood fingerboard, 24.75-inch scale length on a nato body with two Duncan Design humbucking pickups.

The D2's SRP inc VAT is £429.99, and it is available in black and trans black on a quilt maple veneer top.

For more information, visit the official Jackson website.

Information taken from official press release.

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