Is Pants On The Ground a rip-off?

General Larry Platt on 'Idol' - original or not?
General Larry Platt on 'Idol' - original or not?

Who can forget General Larry Platt when he performed his now-immortal song Pants On The Ground during an audition segment on this season's American Idol?

The song and General Platt both became immediate viral sensations, inspiring Jimmy Fallon to perform the number (in the guise of Neil Young). Reportedly, Platt has even received interest from several record labels.

But now Platt has come under fire from a Detroit duo called The Green Brothers, who claim that the 62-year-old former human rights activist ripped off their 1996 ditty Back Pockets On The Floor.

The Green Brothers posted their video on YouTube with the following message:

"This is in regards to the General Larry Platt Pants on The Ground. His song is a take-off of the Green Brothers song Back Pockets On The Floor. Back Pockets On The Floor was written by G. Green and was copyrighted and recorded by the Green Brothers in 1996. The General's song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message. YOU BE THE JUDGE AMERICA!!"

We have a feeling that the entire globe, not just America, will have a strong opinion on this one. What do you think? Here's General Larry Platt's Pants On The Ground.

And here's The Green Brothers' Back Pockets On The Floor.

What say you? Do The Green Brothers have a case?

Joe Bosso

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