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Is Jimi Hendrix Total Guitar's greatest cover star?

The greatest? Hendrix at Boston Garden, 1970
The greatest? Hendrix at Boston Garden, 1970 (Image credit: Peter Tarnoff/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Hot on the heals of MusicRadar's track-by-track glowing review of Jimi Hendrix's new album Valleys Of Neptune, here's your chance to champion Hendrix again: by voting him as Total Guitar's greatest cover star…

Our axe-wielding friends at TG are fast approaching their 200th issue and to celebrate they're running a poll (right here on MusicRadar) to find out which guitar icon deserves the 'greatest cover star' accolade.

You can see the shortlist on your right - each nominee has graced the front of Total Guitar's best-selling issues over the magazine's long and loud history. Vote now ---------->