Guyatone launches Mighty Micro FX

Guyatone's Mighty Micro FX are "50% lighter than average"
Guyatone's Mighty Micro FX are "50% lighter than average"

Guyatone is launching anew Mighty Micro series of compact FX pedals.

Based on Guyatone's award-winning Micro Series effects, the Mighty Micros are what Guyatone is calling ultra-compact, with "a chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than the average stompbox."

New features include
- Lightweight, ultra-durable cast-aluminium chassis
- Top-mounted, no-tools battery compartment
- Mechanical True Bypass Switching
- Ultra-bright status LED is easily visible on dark stages
- Professional-grade component selection offers improved sound quality
- Cast aluminium 'Stomp Guard' that protects controls from damage or accidental adjustment
- Adjustable Input attenuators allow use with any instrument or input signal
- Glow-in-the-dark washer for Bypass switch offers improved visibility on dark stages
- Top-mounted jacks save space on crowded pedalboards
- Three-year warranty

The first four pedals

The first round of Mighty Micro models will be available in late September 2008 and features the following models:

HDm5 Hot Drive
Improved version of HD-3 Hot Drive, the HDmS features increased gain sculpting as well as true bypass switching. RRP $150.

MDm5 Micro Digital Delay
Improved version of the top-selling MD-3, features 2600 milliseconds of the same great delay tone with the addition of a hi-frequency roll-off control. RRP $225.

WRm5 Wah Rocker
New features include Effect Level and Response controls. Improved frequency response and Dry Blend allows use with bass, guitar and keys. RRP $145.

VTm5 Veri-Trem
Features Effect Level, Speed and Intensity controls as well as selectable sine/triangle/square oscillator waveforms and hi-end roll-off control. RRP $155.