Graham Coxon calls Pete Doherty a "scumbag magnet"

what a waster
what a waster

Blur's Graham Coxon, who plays guitar on Pete Doherty's forthcoming solo album, has spoken out about the frustrations of working with the former Libertine.

According to his post on the Blur Forum, Coxon saw promise in the demos he received but has been frustrated by Pete's propensity to waste his talent. Coxon posted: "I actually like pete as a person a lot. He is very funny, warm and charming."

"Scumbag magnet"

"I really do think it's easy to think Pete is a waster" Graham Coxon

However, he also pointed out a few of Pete's rather well-known character flaws that put a strain their relationship. "He is also very impressionable, quite vulnerable, rather too trusting... and - basically and unfortunately for him, he is a scumbag magnet."

The post continued: "I really do think it's easy to think Pete is a waster... I also have been more than a little angry with him at times for pissing his talent up the wall."

This said, Coxon stands by Doherty's music and says he was 'touched' by the tracks on the album. "Some songs here touched me quite deep to be honest... and lyrically I think he's bang on with this record."

Pete Doherty's as yet untitled solo album will be out on 9 March.