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Glass jar turns guitar amp with the 'JAM' Jar

Guitarists are always banging on about glassy tones, but the 'JAM' Jar delivers them quite literally, cramming a 2.5" speaker into an actual glass jar and turning it into a working guitar amp.

As well as putting out its own 1/4-watt output via the three-watt speaker, the 'JAM' Jar can drive any 8-16-ohm cab, including a 4x12, while its output can also be used to provide fuzz-tinged overdrive through a regular guitar amp.

The 'JAM' Jar features an input and output, and is powered by a nine-volt battery, changeable by unscrewing the jar lid. The Jar costs £25 and is available now; check out The 'JAM' Jar on Facebook for more info.