Games Week is coming!

So, how many of these have you played?
So, how many of these have you played?

Videogames are cool. Always have been, always will be… But what's this got to do with MusicRadar? Plenty. Whether it's the finger pyrotechniques of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the yacht rock radio of Grand Theft Auto, the retro day-glo of the chiptune scene or the orchestral mellow drama of Japanese RPGs, music has a key role to play in the 21st century world of videogames.

And so it's time for Games Week!

Whether you're after tips from the pros on how to break into game soundtracks, want an 8-bit version of Miles Davis or just need a guide on how to turn a Wiimote into a MIDI controller, Games Week on MusicRadar will have something for you.

But every week needs a theme tune - and for this, we need YOUR help. We've teamed up with ace chiptune musician Adam Lee AKA The Disco King.

You'll be seeing more of Adam next week but if you want an introduction, check out these links:

Put A Sonic Ring On It (Beyonce meets Sonic The Hedgehog)

Now That's What I Call Chiptunes! (April 2010 mixtape)

Various tunes including Faith (yes, that one), a Ghostbusters mash-up and the Mario-worshipping You Be My Princess Peach

I Like To Rock: A chiptune track being played by a MIDI-enabled Guitar Hero controller playing Ableton Live!

So The Disco King knows his stuff - but do you?

We want YOU to nominate a song for Adam to cover for Games Week. Death metal, cheesy pop, post-rock, gabba… Every suggestion, whether via the Comments below, Facebook or Twitter, will be put to Adam and he'll choose a track to cover and offer for free download next week. If you're Tweeting or leaving a message on our Facebook wall, use #askmusicradar and the track name.

As part of the challenge (and because this is MusicRadar), he'll also be letting us go behind the scenes on the making of the track, showing us the hardware and software he uses and hopefully inspiring you to 'go chiptune', too.

And if it's your nominated track Adam chooses to cover? We'll, we're nice guys so expect an exclusive signed CD of that track, exclusive sleeve art plus a bundle of gaming goodies courtesy of our best mates on GamesRadar.

OK, over to you. When we chatted this week, Adam said he was "up for a challenge" so let the audience decide. We'll start the ball with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and The Dead Flag Blues… Or maybe not.

Enough! Get voting! Let Games Week commence!