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Frantone announces return of Cream Puff guitar effects pedal

A former Electro-Harmonix employee, Fran Blanche was one of the original boutique pedal builders back in the mid-90s, but went on hiatus from her company, Frantone, in 2009. Now, Frantone is back in action and reviving its much-loved Cream Puff fuzz via a Kickstarter campaign.

Like the original, the 2016 Cream Puff offers huge gain levels and fat harmonics, adjusted via a unique tone contour control.

Each pedal is hand-assembled, and features a cast aluminium enclosure, true bypass switching and pink indicator LED.

Back in January, Frantone ran a similar campaign for its best-known pedal, the Peachfuzz, which sold out in just 12 days.

The Frantone Cream Puff is available now to preorder from Kickstarter for $295. We're glad to see this one back.