Four PRS models heading to the UK

Four PRS models are winging their way to the UK in the coming months.

First up, the PRS 408 MT and 408 Standard are due to arrive in November 2012, which is obviously good news for good little guitarists looking for a PRS for Christmas.

Meanwhile PRS's debut seven string production model, the SE Custom 24/7, should touch down on UK soil in early 2013.

Find our more about the 408 range and the SE Custom 24/7 at PRS's website.

PRS Press Releases

UK PRS Guitars distributor Headline Music Ltd has confirmed that the recently announced PRS 408 MT and 408 Standard are on their way to the UK. The first shipment of the stunning new models is expected in November 2012.

The guitars are built around PRS's proprietary 408 pickups and have been created to bring the versatility and tonal character of the PRS Private Stock Signature and the Signature Limited Edition (both of which featured the pickups) to PRS's 'Core Line'.

The mahogany body/maple top MT and all mahogany Standard feature 25" scale length, 22-fret mahogany neck (with rosewood as an option), rosewood fretboard and birds inlays, PRS Phase III tuners and PRS trem (with stoptail bridge as an option). Hardware is nickel as standard, with optional gold or hybrid nickel/gold mix.

At the heart of the new model, the PRS 408 pickups were designed to extend the guitar's tonal spectrum by increasing the focus of the bass unit (in the neck position) and the sound field of the treble (bridge) pickup. The desire to create the perfect pickup for each position lead to the unusual asymmetric design (wider treble and narrower bass) of the 408 pairing. With four coils and eight individual tones available via a simple-but-powerful three-way blade selector switch and 2 mini toggles, the 408 guitars deliver stunning articulation, clarity and versatility.

Headline Music's Gavin Mortimer said, "The interest in the Private Stock Signature and Signature Limited Edition guitars was huge, so we're really pleased that we're now able to offer players the chance to experience the power and flexibility of the 408 pickups at a less expensive price point.

"These are truly great guitars and we expect demand for them to be very high when they arrive with UK dealers later in the year."

The UK RRP for the PRS 408 MT and Standard is to be confirmed and will be announced closer to the models' arrival in the UK.

PRS Guitars has unveiled its first ever production 7-string model, the SE Custom 24 7-string, with stocks expected in the UK in early 2013.

Based on the hugely popular SE Custom 24 blueprint - beveled maple top with flame maple veneer, mahogany back, 25" scale length, 24-fret maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and bird inlays - the new 7-string version adds a low B for extra low-end growl.

A plate-style, string-thru-body bridge ensures tuning stability, while tonal duties are taken care of by a pair of PRS SE HFS and Vintage bass humbuckers. The HFS (modelled on the Maryland-made unit of the same name) is a powerful pickup with clear highs, strong mid-range and developed low-end, while the Vintage bass in the neck delivers warmth and clarity in the high-mids, ensuring versatility to suit many musical styles.

The SE Custom 24 7-String will be available in Royal Blue and Vintage Sunburst finishes, with prices to be confirmed closer to the model's arrival in the UK.

Gavin Mortimer from PRS Guitars UK distributor Headline Music Ltd said, "there is already a great deal of excitement surrounding the new SE Custom 24 7-String, and it's going to be a very popular addition to the SE range.

"Obviously we expect metal players to be particularly interested, but the guitar's tonal range means it's perfect for any guitarist looking to explore the possibilities that a 7-string offers in terms of chord voicings and low riffs."