Fender launches Classic Player Jaguar Special HH

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Fender s Classic Player Series Jaguar Special HH is an indie kid s guitar nirvana

Fender's Classic Player Series Jaguar Special HH is an indie kid's guitar nirvana

Fender Classic Player Series Jaguar Special HH

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Squier s Classic Vibe Series Duo Sonic

Squier's Classic Vibe Series Duo-Sonic

Squier Classic Vibe Series Duo-Sonic

Amongst an abundance of new product for Summer NAMM 2008, Fender has quietly, and with a minimum of fuss, answered the prayers of any indie kid with a penchant for early 1990s American alternative rock music.

The Jaguar and Jazzmaster have long been favoured by the likes of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, arguably because they were deeply unfashionable, and therefore cheap and abundant, amidst the spandex and hairspray of the late 1980s.

The new Classic Player Series Jaguar Special HH takes a Jaguar, and adds a more stable bridge assembly, bigger frets and a pair of Enforcer humbuckers. In addition, the 'buckers can be split for single coil voices via the guitar's 'rhythm' circuit.

Confused by the Jaguar's bewildering switching system? Click here for this interactive guide.

Looking uncannily like the Jaguar favoured by Kurt Cobain - seen here rocking the Reading Festival stage with a stunning performance of Lithium in 1992 - the Classic Player Series Jaguar Special HH is available in three colour sunburst and none-more-sexy olympic white with tortoiseshell pickguard, as pictured here. Pricing is expected to be very competitive indeed.

Alongside the humbucker version, Fender has also announced other new Classic Player Jaguars, Jaguar basses and Jazzmasters, and a new Squier Classic Vibe Series Duo-Sonic. Now where did we put that flannel shirt…