Extreme metal goes shopping

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The Rotted are metal

The Rotted are metal

The Rotted

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Kate Moss is not metal

Kate Moss is not metal
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Kate Moss

We're always hearing how it's ever harder for a musician to make money out of trad routes such as gigging and touring. True, but there are many inventive ways to get your music heard and earn some royalties at the same time.

Which leads us to the most bizarre news (and best publicity stunt) MusicRadar has heard this week: London extreme metal band The Rotted are one of the 20 featured artists to be featured on Topshop's in-store music soundtrack in the next six weeks.

Their track A Brief Moment Of Regret will be piped to shoppers alongside tunes by Goldfrapp, Supergrass, Elvis Costello and Kate Bush. All while your lady picks out her favourite Kate Moss-designed dress.

Or, more likely, runs screaming from the shop…