Empress Effects debuts Super Delay stompbox

The last pedal? That's what they say
The last pedal? That's what they say

Whenever somebody makes a claim like "It's the last pedal you'll ever need," we think, well, that's pretty bold. And that's precisely what the folks at Empress Effects are saying about their new Super Delay stompbox. Let's take a look at its features:

Sound quality - The signal-to-noise ratio is around 105dB.
Delay time - 2.8 seconds, for your extra long delays.
Modes - eight: normal, tap, autoset (delay time is set by tempo played), reverse, rhythm mode (multitap), tape mode, misc (dynamic, gate), and 12-second looper.
Expression Pedal Input - this allows you to control either mix or feedback with your foot.
High Pass/Low Pass Filter - the high pass is good for electronic music, low pass is sweet for darker analog delay type sounds.
Fast/Slow Modulation - slow adds extra texture, fast is a little crazy.
Presets - eight. With three stompswitches, accessing the presets is easy.
Tap Tempo with Ratios - many of the modes use tap tempo, and the ratio selection makes fast in-time delay times easy.
True bypass - The Empress Superdelay employs true bypass, so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.

OK, it's stacked with features. Let's check out some sounds:

Normal Delay With Crazy Feedback

Multi-Tap Delay

Reverse Delay

Reverse Double-Speed Delay

We have to admit, it sounds pretty sweet. If you want more information, such as pricing, visit the official Empress Effects website.