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Emma Electronic unveils first pedal in nearly 10 years, the ON-1 Okto-Nøjs

You may recall the name Emma from its acclaimed ReezaFRATzitz distortion, and although the company hasn't released a pedal in almost 10 years, the drought is now over with the announcement of the similarly unpronounceable ON-1 Okto-Nøjs.

The Okto-Nøjs combines a fast-tracking octave down (Okto) with a synth-like octave fuzz (Nøjs) - both are all-analogue for gnarly tones.

Eachsection is blendable, and can be adjusted via tone, gain and colour controls; the Okto side can also track right down to a low open E on a bass, meaning it's suitable for mid- and low-range players.

You can watch a demo of a prototype above. The ON-1 Okto-Nøjs is available from 15 December for $249.