Eleven promises best guitar amp emulations yet

Eleven comes with plenty of presets though you can also create your own custom tones
Eleven comes with plenty of presets, though you can also create your own custom tones

Digidesign isn't the first company to launch amp-modelling software, but it's promising that its Eleven plug-in will "set a new standard in sound quality and tone-shaping flexibility".

Many of the amps and cabs that feature in Eleven are based on models from Vox, Fender, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Soldano. There are also further custom Digidesign creations.

Eleven was developed using what Digi claims is a new approach to amp modelling. This takes into account things such as power amp sag, speaker cone breakup, cabinet resonance and ghost notes.

As you'd expect, Eleven comes with a good selection of preset amp model configurations. However, it's also possible to mix and match the amps and cabs in any way you like.

There are two versions of Eleven, both of which are available to buy now. The full software supports the TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats and can be used with Pro Tools HD, Icon and Venue systems. Eleven LE supports the RTAS and AudioSuite standards and works with Pro Tools M-Powered and LE.

Prices are $595/£382 for Eleven and $395/£259 for Eleven LE. For more information on the two versions - including the differences between them - go to the Digidesign website.