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Electro-Harmonix reveals "super-affordable" Wailer Wah pedal

We wanted to love Electro-Harmonix's motion sensor-equipped Crying Tone wah, but as tasty as its tones were, it had a habit of scooting across the floor while in use. Good on EHX, then, for shifting its circuitry into a more traditional enclosure with the new Wailer Wah.

Offering a lightweight polymer construction and rack-and-pinion mechanism, the Wailer Wah keeps things simple, with no knobs or switches to speak of - just a throaty wah tone.

It operates via a 9V battery or power supply and comes equipped with true bypass switching - a must-have for wah pedals these days.

This is an interesting move from EHX, and while the Wailer doesn't follow the trend of newer compact wahs such as the Cry Baby Mini, we appreciate the lightweight enclosure on offer here.

EHX has said the pedal will be "super-affordable", and with a price tag of$62.75, we can't argue. UK street prices look set to be around the £64.99 mark, and the pedal is available right about now.