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Dr. No introduces Evil Motherfuzzer guitar effects pedal

Fine purveyor of analogue effects Dr. No has unveiled another addition to its eye-popping catalogue: the Evil Motherfuzzer.

As you might expect, the Evil Motherfuzzer is an analogue fuzz, and it's been designed in collaboration with Pablo van de Poel, who was recently voted #1 guitar player in the Netherlands by our exotic European sister publication Gitarist.

The pedal is built with ultra-rare original germanium transistors - in fact, they're so hard to come across, only 175 Evil Motherfuzzers can be built, and all will be signed by the good Dr and van de Poel.

Volume, fuzz, shape and bias knobs promise complete control over fuzz gain, midrange and bass, while Dr. No claims to have cured any problems traditionally experienced from germanium fuzzes in the signal chain - how, we're not quite sure, but we trust him; he's a doctor.

The Evil Motherfuzzer is available now for $278/€247 from Dr. No Effects.