Dischord Records goes digital

Fugazi at the Mercedes dealership
Fugazi at the Mercedes dealership

Dischord Records has gone digital, which means we have truly reached a new level in the musical revolution.

Founded in 1980 by then Minor Threat (and future Fugazi) frontman Ian McKaye, Dischord blew open the doors for hardcore and helped to define emo music. Cheap prices, vinyl and a strict DIY ethic have been the Dischord way since day one.

Most of Dischord's releases have remained in print for discerning underground music fans to discover (and rediscover) for decades, but now nearly every release from the staunchy independent label is available for direct download from the label's website.

In addition, most of the catalogs of Dischord's sub-imprints - Northern Liberties, Peterbilt and the increasingly popular Fugazi Live Series - are also available as high quality MP3 downloads. Think about it: You can download Fugazi on your iPod and listen to In On The Kill Taker on your way to work!

Dischord first made hardcore history in the early'80s with releases from Void, S.O.A. (which included a very young Henry Rollins), Scream (with a pre-Nirvana Dave Grohl), and Minor Threat. Later bands included Rites Of Spring, Shudder To Think, The Make Up, and of course, Fugazi.

In fact, let's check out a little Fugazi on YouTube. Sit back, relax, and enjoy their classic Waiting Room.

Joe Bosso

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