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DigiTech's Ventura Vibe pedal delivers Uni-Vibe, vibrato and Leslie effects

The latest in DigiTech's line of redesigned pedals, the graphically arresting Ventura Vibe delivers three distinct types of rotary/vibrato: Uni-Vibe, pitch-based vibrato and Leslie rotating speaker via a three-way vintage/modern/rotary switch.

As well as offering three distinct flavours of swirl, each vibe type offers the ability to accentuate highs and add overdrive, courtesy of stacked tone and drive controls.

Elsewhere, the pedal offers speed, depth and mix controls, as well as stereo operation and true bypass switching, plus a speed ramp function, activated by pressing and holding the footswitch.

The Ventura Vibe is available from November for £142 - check out DigiTech for more.