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Dean debuts the USA Dave Mustaine Double Neck model

Careful. You could put an eye out with this thing!
Careful. You could put an eye out with this thing!

Your old guitar isn't metal enough? With more jagged edges and points than should be allowed by law, the new Dean USA Dave Mustaine Double Neck is likely to solve your not-metal-enough problems for good.

Just looking at the new Dave Mustaine 6/12 double neck is enough to make our heads bang. Its specs include a mahogany top and body with a scale length of 25.50 inches, two Dave Mustaine "D-shaped" mahogany necks, ebony fingerboards, pearl sharks tooth inlays, Grover tuners, black hardware, Tone Pro bridges, Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire pickups, and a flight case (because if you buy this guitar, you're obviously going places, right?). And what metal machine would be compete without a Blood Lust red paint job?

We just might have to nail everything down and try this little monster on for size. The list price is $8,799.00 US. But hey, you can't put a price on shredding.

For more information, visit the official Dean Guitars website.