Daughtry to release Daughtry...again

Daughtry (right) and Daughtry (left)
Daughtry (right) and Daughtry (left)

What's better than one Daughtry debut album? Two Daughtry debut albums, of course!

In the don't-give-the-people-what-they-want, give-'em-what-they-already have category, Chris Daughtry, who leads the inventively titled band Daughtry, is re-releasing his inventively titled debut album, Daughtry, on Sept. 9. (Just curious, is his house named Daughtry? His car? His razor?)

True, there are some bonus tracks on this re-release, such as Daughtry's eagerly awaited cover of Foreigner's Feels Like The First Time, and acoustic versions of Daughtry's own Home, Feels Like Tonight, What About Now and It's Not Over. The original disc, issued in 2006, has sold a staggering 4.2 million copies in the US alone.

But the reissue has other changes, such as a list price of $22.99 vs. $18.99 for the original.

In all fairness, Daughtry, the guy not the band, does report progress on new material. In July he took to his website and said, "Some amazing songs have been written over the past 6-7 weeks. Between me, the guys, and some great writers we've been working with, I think we have some GREAT stuff! It's been an awesome process. We wrote songs together as a band which was really cool. We also wrote with some guys that really contributed to what we do and helped us along with our process."

That's Daughtry-speak for saying, "The songs are gonna be great!"

Joe Bosso

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