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D-Tar Mama Bear acoustic guitar preamp

I am acoustic, hear me roar
I am acoustic, hear me roar

You've tried everything to make your acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic guitar only louder. Trouble was, you had to sacrific true tone for volume. No more. Now you can be be loud and proud on your acoustic. Which means you can have awesome volume wars with your lead guitarist and still sound amazing.

Using something called AGE™ technology, the Mama Bear preamp from D-Tar takes your guitar into the digital realm, neutralizeing the pickup, then restoring the natural body resonance. A 16-position input source selector provides different digital filter choices, while the 16-position target instrument switch provides guitar sounds emulated from varying guitars, ranging from parlors to super jumbos; this allows you to match up your guitar's body shape or emulate other shapes. Also featuring a gain control with an overload LED, bypass switch, output level control, a balanced XLR output, Hi-Z input stage, wet/dry blend control, ground lift switch, phase switch, mute switch -- the only thing not included is an acoustic guitar. (Sorry, that's sold separately.)

The U.S. list price for the D-Tar Mama Bear preamp is $499.00, which will be worth it when you see the look on your lead guitar player's face.