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Converse's All Wah is a shoe with a built-in wah pedal

You may have seen Converse Chuck Taylors on your favourite musicians, but they've never directly contributed to the actual sound of music - until now, that is, as the company's iconic sneaker meets the unmistakable wacka-wacka of the wah pedal.

The excellently named Chet Atkins All Wah shoes do away with the potentiometer of the traditional wah, instead utilising a digital sensor to control the sound, while input and output jacks are built into the sneaker itself.

The design was conceived by design agency Critical Mass back in 2013, but fashion co Cute Circuit has now developed the idea into a Bluetooth-compatible wireless device that works with amps, Macs and iPhones alike.

Above, you can see footage of the original prototype - we doubt we'll be seeing this cropping up in too many pro rigs, but you never know. One question, though: how do you turn it on and off?