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Cog Effects unveils Knightfall 66 and Mini 66 bass overdrive pedals

Sheffield-based titan of tone Cog Effects has added to its bass portfolio with two new overdrives, the Knightfall 66 and Mini 66, which promise to cover everything from cleans to high-gain distortion.

Packing two gain and level knobs, the Knightfall 66 offers two different overdrive/distortion settings, plus voice, tone and clean blend to retain low-end - an 18V options allows for increased headroom, too.

The compact Mini 66, meanwhile, omits the Knightfall's second channel and replaces the voice and tone knobs with fat and cut switches, but offers a similar range of sounds.

Both pedals offer true bypass switching and are available now from Cog Effects for £130 (Mini 66) and £160 (Knightfall 66).