Carlos Santana to Obama: legalize pot

Carlos Santana: bluesman and herb fan
Carlos Santana: bluesman and herb fan

We all know that guitar great Carlos Santana is 'Supernatural.' But he's a fan of natural experiences, too - like those that come from pot. And he's calling on President Barack Obama to make weed legal.

"Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education," Santana said in an interview this week. "You will see a transformation in America."

Although the president recently brushed off a recent online question about the decriminalization of marijuana, Santana says it's a decision that's "really way overdue, like the prohibition with the alcohol and stuff like that."

Money from pot equals education

"As soon as we legalize and decriminalize marijuana we can actually afford a really good governor" Carlos Santana, referring to CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I really believe that as soon as we legalize and decriminalize marijuana we can actually afford a really good governor," said Santana, "who won't keep taking money away from education and from teachers and send him back to Hollywood where he can do 'D' movies and we can get an 'A' governor."

Santana's last comment is a clear reference to former movie action hero and current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Santana plays (and plays) Vegas

The guitarist made his remarks as he was promoting his upcoming residency in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The show debuts 27 May and runs through 2010.

"It's a milestone for me because I always said I would never do certain things," Santana said of playing the long Vegas stretch. "Yet what is very different is this is the year I decided to do all the things that I said I would never do.

It's a way of coming into a room that I thought was dark and I would be afraid and I actually bring my light to it."

And apparently, when Santana lights up a room he likes to light up a certain something. (Associated Press)

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