Be a real Guitar Hero with a real guitar

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Does Ozzy play guitar

Does Ozzy play guitar?

Peavey AG Riffmaster Ozzy Real Wood Guitar Controller

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Be an almost real Cowboy From Hell

Be an almost-real Cowboy From Hell

Peavey AG Riffmaster Pantera Real Wood Guitar Controller

Face it: You can't be a real guitar hero if you're rocking out with a piece of plastic, can you? Of course not. So RedOctane is coming to your emotional rescue with Peavey Limited Edition AG Real Wood Guitar Controllers.

As the name implies, they're made of real wood. Miming leads with one of these babies is probably the closest you can get to feeling like a guitar god - unless you get a real guitar, of course.

Each Peavey AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller is a real Peavey guitar, 100 percent custom built in the USA. Designs from legendary bands and artists include Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, KISS and more. At the moment, the controllers are only compatible with PlayStation 2. Controllers for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will be available in the fall.

For more information, such as ordering, visit the official RedOctane website. Each controller lists for $399.00. Hey, for that much money, you could definitely get yourself an actual guitar and make some axe heroics of your own. Just a thought...