Amazing video of the day: homemade lap steel guitar

Dan's more than a builder. He's an artist
Dan's more than a builder. He's an artist

We admit, it takes a lot to impress us. Bust out some blazing array of spitfire notes? Seen it, heard it, been there. Come up with a nutty drum set made of cheese? Seen that too - although, hey, we're always up for more.

But when we came across this video, put on YouTube by a musician named Daniel who lives in Melbourne, Australia, we actually sat up, shook our heads and went, "Whoa! Now that's incredible!"

It's one thing to build your own lap steel guitar. Through the years, probably more folks have made their own homemade jobs than have purchased them. But it's quite another thing, and a marvelous achievement at that, to make the instrument sing so sweetly and cry as mournfully as Daniel does in his heartfelt rendition of Hank Williams' classic Lonesome Whistle.

We don't have anything more to add. Daniel's stunning playing says it all. A well-made lap steel, Dan. And some damn fine musicianship too!

Thanks to boingboing.

Joe Bosso

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