AC/DC's Rock 'N Roll Train inspires YouTube madness

Bringing the tribute to YouTube
Bringing the tribute to YouTube

The well-worn saying is that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Let's hope you still believe that after witnessing some of the YouTube gems that have followed in the wake of AC/DC's Rock 'N Roll Train. They range from the...well, you be the judge.

First up is the New York band Live Wire, who bill themselves redundantly as the "World's Definitive #1 AC/DC Tribute Show." Their website says they're the "closest you can get to the real thing," and hey, we'll take them at their word. Here they are performing Rock N' Roll Train in Falls Church, Virginia.

Next up we have 17-year-old drummer Paul Clark Jr. from Birmingham England. A very polite sort, Paul apologizes for his headphones (his other ones have broken), and says if you're a Birmingham-based bass player between the ages of 17-26, to give him a shout. Here he is performing a "live drum tribute" to Rock 'N Roll Train.

Rob Goobernutty says that the song is "so simple it's not even worth posting." He just did it "to get views, and also to educate all you noobs out there!" That was mighty sporty of him, wasn't it? Here he is, schoolin' us all.

Last and possibly least, we have a French YouTuber who calls himself AceFrehley140986. What Ace does might be considered performance art. On the other hand, it might be considered...again, you be the judge.

Should you have your own AC/DC-inspired videos, don't be shy - send them our way. We'll be kind. Honest,

Joe Bosso

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