Gibson has filmed an Adam Jones Tool guitar lesson – and it's exceptionally good

Dinesh Lekhraj
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Gibson and Tool's Adam Jones are very close buddies now with a run of signature guitars that also includes Epiphone, and the Gibson Gear Guide YouTube channel has now gone even further with a breakdown of his technique. And like a lot of the video content Gibson is producing these days, it's very good indeed. Actually, it's better than that. 

Presenter Dinesh Lekhraj isn't just an excellent interviewer with the artists Gibson hosts on the channel, his inspiring gear demos showcase what an accomplished guitarist he is too. He clearly puts a lot of time and thought into the original parts he comes up with to illustrate tones, and he's got years of experience playing in bands in the LA scene. But now you can add guitar tutor to his armoury of skills because he delivers the best video breakdown of Jones's guitar style we've seen in the video below. 

It's full of the kind of insight only an experienced player can offer, like how to nail the attack Jones gives to the palm-muted triplets that are such an identifiable part of his playing with Tool.

Dinesh has the signature model and the Mesa/Boogie tube amp, but the technique has to come first and it will make you sound like Jones with a humbucker guitar and some tasty high, focused gain. 

Gibson Adam Jones guitar lesson

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Drone and dissonant notes,  chord accents, playing in odd metered time signatures and an integral Jones trick called 'The Lift' - Dinesh has really done his homework here and he's come up with some amazing Jones-eque parts to illustrate. 

If you've ever wanted to really dig into Jones's style, this is the place to start right now and is another illustration of just how good the Gibson Gear Guide's content is, so well worth your time subscribing over on YouTube. We're hoping to see more of these kinds of lessons in the future. 

You can also find out more about Jones's style at the Gibson Gazette and our own play like Adam Jones guitar lesson.

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