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GHS extends short-scale bass string length

GHS Strings is lengthening its short-scale bass strings, in a bid to accommodate basses that feature bridges with tailpieces or through-body stringing.

The typical winding length of short-scale bass strings is 32”, but after some players resorted to buying medium-scale strings instead, GHS set out to find a solution.

With help from Big Country bassist and short-scale instrument designer Scott Whitley, the string co discovered the optimum winding length for short-scale bass strings: 32.75” long.

GHS's short-scale bass strings with updated 32.75” winding length are available now in the following ranges:

  • Short Scale Bass Boomers
  • Short Scale Pressurewound
  • Short Scale Phosphor Bronze
  • Short Scale Precision Flats
  • Short Scale Brite Flats

Head over to GHS Strings for more info.

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