GEWA Drums at Gear Expo 2022: introducing the G5 – a digital kit for advanced performers

GEWA Drums
(Image credit: GEWA Music)

GEAR EXPO 2022: What is important to most drummers? To play a drum kit that sounds incredibly good, offers stable hardware, and is also easy to handle on stage or in the studio. The GEWA G5 combines exactly these elements. 

This Digital Drumkit is aimed at the advanced drummer who wants to fully focus on their performance rather than the technical refinements and possibilities of an electronic drum kit. 


The GEWA G5 uses the exact same sample library as the flagship model, the GEWA Drum Workstation G9. It offers 901 instrument sounds with up to 1000 samples per instrument. These samples have been recorded by experienced sound engineers in the legendary Funkhaus Studios in Berlin. In addition to the direct drum signal, we recorded the original ambient sound for each instrument as well! 

So, you get the best sound experience and it makes the G5 a perfect companion on stage, in the studio, and in the rehearsal room.

GEWA 3-zone cymbal pads

To provide the drummer with a more realistic feel, the GEWA 3-zone cymbal pads are, in terms of dimensions and mass properties, modeled on the Paiste 2002 Cymbal Series. All cymbals are chokeable and can be played on the whole playing surface.

To offer the most realistic Hi-Hat playing experience, we’ve constructed a two-part Hi-Hat with a top and bottom cymbal. 

The Hi-Hat has 8 different opening positions from tightly closed to fully open; it is currently the only 3-zone Hi-Hat available on the market and can be choked as well.


GEWA Drums

(Image credit: GEWA Music)

Bluetooth Audio and Midi are on board. So you can play along with your favorite songs, practice by using a BT-Midi application, or record MIDI data directly into your preferred DAW.

With the GEWA G5, you can easily record your drumming in different ways; for example, by using the ‘quick record’ function to record WAV files directly onto your USB device. Or you can use the built-in USB audio interface, which offers 6 + 2 channels out plus MIDI to record your drumming directly into your DAW.

During the development of the GEWA digital drum modules, we focused on building an open system. That’s why we only use standard TRS sockets to connect pads to our modules. So you can easily use pads from other manufacturers as well and there are even trigger presets available for the most common pads on the market.

We are always up to date! GEWA Digital Drums are constantly being developed and additional features are added regularly, free of charge!

Two configurations

The GEWA G5 is built and developed in Germany. It is currently available in two different configurations - G5 Pro and the G5 Studio. 


GEWA Drums

(Image credit: GEWA Music)

The GEWA G5 Pro BS5 is a full-size shell configuration that comes with 10x5", 12x5", 14x5" Toms, a 14x5" Snare Drum, and an 18x14" Kick Drum.

These shells come in a beautiful black sparkle finish. Every GEWA E-Kit comes with the standard cymbal pack that contains 2x14" Crashes, an 18" Ride, and a 14" Hi-Hat. 

Also included: a complete Stand-Pack with a Hi-hat pedal and a snare-stand.

GEWA G5 Studio 5

GEWA Drums

(Image credit: GEWA Music)

The G5 Studio 5 is a 5-piece pad configuration. It has 2x10” and a 12” Tom Pad, a 12” Snare Pad, and a 10” Kick Pad. The Studio kit comes with a sturdy three-side rack and the standard GEWA cymbal set. 

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